CITY HALL: 601-764-4112



Randy James , City Clerk
Rhonda Dyess, Deputy Clerk,

Cynthia Johnson, Deputy Clerk

MUNICIPAL COURT: 601-764-4112
Lillous Shoemaker, Municipal Judge
(Held 1st Monday of each month, 9:00 am at Jasper County Courthouse)


Bay Springs Law Enforcement Officers

Thank you for your bravery and dedication to keep Bay Springs safe!

Front row left to right: Officer Fred Hennington, Sgt. Eric Winfrey, Chief Raymond Delk, and Officer Lee Johnson.  Back row left to right: Captain Tony Holder, Asst. Chief Tony Wedgeworth, and Officer Ashton Graham.      (photo by Wes Hendry)

NATURAL GAS: 601-764-4112

Darryl Thornton, Natural Gas Operator

Chris Evans

"When Seconds Count...... Count on Us"

We are welcoming new members... must be 18 or older.

Scott Leavitt,                    CHIEF/EMR/FF1 
Hudson Jenkins              ASSISTANT CHIEF
Joh Huddleston              1ST CAPTAIN
Donald Brown                 2ND CAPTAIN
Andy Blake                       ENG/EMR/FF1
Trudy Blake                     SEC/EMR
Mike Lucas                       ** CD 1 **
Felicia Leavitt                 EMR
Tristan Thornton
Mila Hillman
Bo Hillman
Ashley Windham
Wallace Newell
James Huddleston
George Huddleston
Fernando Padilla
Tyler Ballard
Tyler Ezell                       RES/EMR
Bryan Walters                RES/ FF1
Duncan Riley                  RES/FF1/EMR

Laken McWilliams       RES/

Melanie Mayo                RES/ EMR
Kenny Mayo                   RES/ EMR



PUBLIC WORKS: 601-764-4112


Kendrick Blakeney, General Superintendant
Donald Brown, Maintenance Superintendent
Wes Hendry, Water /Wastewater

Jimmy Herrington

Christopher Evans

Sheila Windham

Willis Evans

Drew Harris

Louis Holliday

Jerry Rayner

Wayne Wimberley

Public Works Office
The City of Bay Springs provides excellent services to its citizens.
We are a progressive full service community providing well-equipped and highly trained public safety services, solid waste collection, street maintenance and repair services, high quality water, community development and building inspections services, stormwater management,
all while maintaining numerous beautifully landscaped parks that provide a wide variety of recreational activities.

Bay Springs is one of the county seats of Jasper County, so many county services and state departments are conveniently located within city limits.