Garner Farms is a
recent addition to  Bay Springs. Seasonal produce, plants, unique garden ornaments and much more!
Visit them today.

The City of Bay Springs has an extensive list of business and industry. We have a wide selection of goods and services that meet the needs of our visitors and residents. We are proud to support ventures that create new opportunities for our people.

The state agencies below are helpful if you would like to begin a business.
U.S. Small Business Administration’s Small Business Planner provides guides and resources on developing business plans and common-sense advise on starting a new business.

Bay Springs has two industrial parks within the city limits, both of which are site ready and have a strong infrastructure to support an industrial company. The Bay Springs/Jasper County Judicial District II Industrial Park is among the highest rated in the state, and is served by rail and full utilities. There are currently 123 acres open for development.

Our business directory can be located at the link below. 



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