Board of Aldermen

Board of Aldermen

Ward One – Steve Breland
Steve Breland has served the citizens of Ward One for 25 years since being elected in July, 1993.




Ward Two – Mike Lucas has served the citizens of Ward Two since his election in July, 1997. Prior to being elected an Alderman, Lucas served the community as its Fire Chief for ten years.




Ward Three James A. Knotts was elected in 2017 and continues his second term of office.
Jimmy Knotts, currently works part time with Hol-Mac Corporation, employed as a rehired retiree after 37 years in several different full time positions with the Company.  For last 25 years of my employment I was a salesman traveling the Southeastern US until I was assigned responsibility for one customer in the Midwest.  I’ve had the privilege of passing through hundreds of small towns in my travelling career, and I can’t name one that I would rather live in and be a part of than Bay Springs, MS.
For 23 years I served the citizens of Bay Springs and Jasper County in an appointed Board Trustee position for Jasper General Hospital and Nursing Home.
Now in my second year as Alderman for the Town of Bay Springs, Ward 3, I consider it a privilege and challenge to represent not only Ward 3 residents but, all of our citizens by doing my part in making informed practical decisions that impact the near term and future
needs of the town of Bay Springs, MS.


Ward Four – Ron Keyes was elected to serve the citizens in Ward Four in 2013 and is now in his second term of office.





Ward Five – Bob Cook was elected to serve the citizens in Ward Five in 1985 and is now in his ninth term of office. He is the Mayor Pro Tempore, elected by the current board.

“I am a life long resident of Bay Springs, serving my ninth term in Ward 5. Serving others is my passion, not for recognition, but because it is what God requires.”



Board AttorneyJoseph Sims Attorney at Law, P A






Municipal Judge –  Lillous Shoemaker

Board Meetings
City of Bay Springs Board Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm.  If you have a matter to bring before the board, please contact our city clerk in advance of meeting at 601-764-4112.


We honor and offer our sincere thanks to former Alderman James L. (Jimmy) Nix.
He was the longest-serving member on the Board of Aldermen. He was first elected in July, 1969 serving at-large until 1985 when the city was divided into five wards. He was again elected in 1988 and is now retired. Nix was elected by his peers as Mayor Pro-Tem and also served as Fire Chief for a number of years.  Thank you Jimmy Nix.



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