Jasper County Learning Center

Our Promise To Communities:
We promise to provide valuable resources in workforce develop-ment and economic development
for the livelihood of our communities. We are committed to establishing trustworthy relationships through aggressive, innovative, and resourceful solutions. Jasper County Learning Center, will actively work to meet the educational needs of Jasper County.
Jones County Junior College
English Comp I
Credit Classes at the Jasper County Learning Center in Bay
Springs! Credit classes for online, traditional, and dual
enrollment students will be a continual work in progress
dependent upon student and business requests.

Jasper County
Learning Center
439 Highway 1
Bay Springs, MS

Computer &
Credit Classes

Call: 601-764-9393
For GED Information
Call: 601-764-9045

Jones County Junior College

Bay Springs Jasper County Learning Center
Lela Bryan, Jasper County Learning Center Director, with JCJC,
Mirium Russell Student, Juanita Jefcoat Instructor, Brenda
Shelwood Student.

B J Hatten, local artist,  teaches a student in the stained glass class at the learning center.   Mrs Jamie Holder learns to create stained glass panel.

B J Hatten, local artist, conducts a class on how to make stained glass. A wide variety of classes are taught in the center. Stop in or call 601-764-9393 to ask about available learning experiences!



Jones County Junior College Learning Center will be located in Bay Springs Industrial Park. Bay Springs is happy to welcome JCJC-Jasper County Learning Center to the city. We look forward to continuing quality service to the community and county as well as the benefits of employment, education, and growth.



Non Credit Computer Classes
Non Credit Computer Classes at the
Learning Center

      • Pre-employment assessments, such as the Career
        Readiness Certificate or CRC show prospective
        employers that an individual possesses skills needed
        in the workplace.

The CRC focuses on these areas:
     1. Reading for information
     2. Applied mathematics
     3. Locating information

Dr. Jesse Smith
President of J C J C

Dr. Shannon Campbell
JCJC Dean of Curriculum

Jennifer Griffith
JCJC Director of Adult Ed

Kelly Robinson
Workforce Development

Lela Bryan
Director of Jasper Co Learning Center

Hope Windham
Community Development Specialist

Merry Beth Tigert

GED/ABE Instructor




About dual enrollmentHope Windham and Brian Ginn assist Sylva Bay student Heather Downs with JCJC dual enrollment registration. 

High school students that meet certain academic criteria qualify for one free online class at JCJC during both their high school fall and spring semesters. These same students may also register for the fall semester college level class of Western Civilization being taught by Mr. Ginn at the Jasper County Learning Center. 

Class registration is currently being held. If interested, contact the Jasper County Learning Center today at (601)764-9393.