The City of Bay Springs is nestled among the rolling hills of southwestern Jasper County, Mississippi. The picturesque city  is home to more than 2,000 residents.

Bay Springs is named for the many natural springs in the area. As pictured above, there is a lovely gazebo that houses a bubbling natural spring at the crossroads of Highways 15 and 18.

We are one of the two county seats in Jasper County, Mississippi and as such we are home to one of the Jasper County Courthouses and all of the County Departments and Services. If you have questions about Bay Springs, please contact us at City Hall. Phone: 601-764-4112.

“We invite all of you to visit Bay Springs and welcome you all!! We, the Mayor, Board of Aldermen, and city employees, enjoy keeping Bay Springs beautiful for our local residents and for all guests who come here to enjoy our fountains, springs, parks, floral displays. “

We take pride in our citizens, business, industry, health care, and banks for their contribution to the growth and prosperity of Bay Springs and Jasper County!  We have a place here for you!!  Come Get a Taste of Bay Springs! Please visit our facebook page…City of Bay Springs for more photos, info, and event updates.

The City of Bay Springs has maintained a beautiful environment  with on-going city improvements and additions. We continue to have a thriving business and industrial community.

Thank you, Mayor J. E Smith and Board of Aldermen of Bay Springs, Mississippi



Bay Springs City Hall
We welcome visitors and our local residents, who need information about Bay Springs. Please visit or call our City Hall at 601-764-4112.

Our City
 Clerks, Vickie Cargile,
Yetta Strong, 
Rhonda Dyess and Cynthia Johnson are happy to help you. The City Hall is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.
The City of Bay Springs offers superior services to our citizens. Our people are our greatest resource, and we take special care to provide a safe and beautiful environment, and qualified care for their well-being.


Bay Springs has a beautiful Senior Citizen’s Center just behind the City Hall, which was built several years ago. Seniors have transportation to and from the center for lunch and to help seniors stay active and social.


Children enjoying the splash pad at Neco Park in Bay Springs.

The City of Bay Springs has three beautiful parks within the city limits.  Our newest park is Neco Park which includes a handicap equipped walking track, a play ground with lots of sand for kids to enjoy, a pavillion, a playground with swings, slides, a climbing gym, and a splash pad for summer. The kids enjoy this park so much!!

Neco Park also has a unique addition…. a handicapped swing (pictured above) for those who must use a wheelchair! Children or adults can use this swing!!  Thanks to our Mayor and Board of Aldermen who understand special needs!  If you would like to reserve one of our parks for an event, please call City Hall @ 601-764-4112.

City Park is another Bay Springs park near City Hall and the Courthouse.At left is City Park, with playground, gazebo and lots of shade.  It is situated across from the City Hall and near the Bay Springs Jasper County Courthouse.


Bay Springs is a busy town with a constant traffic flow  on the four intersecting highways. Highways 15, 18, 528, and 531 are well traveled.
There is an industrial park in Bay Springs and we are home to much of Jasper County’s Industry.


We are one of the towns in Mississippi who have an airport, which is now undergoing upgrades and renovation. We have a 3000 foot runway and are upgrading Radio Control and our LED light system and more.  We look forward to creating better opportunities for our town and county with this upgraded service.


Located at 3209 Highway 15, Bay Springs, Mississippi is the JC Jasper County Center, now conducting college classes as well as Workforce training. Call 601-764-9393 to know class availability.
The JCJC Jasper County Learning Center is located in Bay Springs Industrial Park at Hwy 1. The center, a cooperative effort of the Jasper County Board of Supervisors and JCJC, plus many other agencies and groups who contributed to its creation, is a great asset to the Bay Springs/ Jasper County Area. Academic classes are taught as well as Career and Technical education.

Jasper County Veteran Home Services
link: https://www.inmyarea.com/military


       Click on Code Red Logo at left to sign up for Local Emergency Notifications. 

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