Bay Springs is home to West Jasper Consolidated School District, which oversees high school, middle school, and elementary schools in Bay Springs and a facility which encompasses all grades at Stringer, a community to the south. West Jasper School District Headquarters is located in the City of Bay Springs.

Warren Woodrow, Superintendant of West Jasper School District

The West Jasper Consolidated School District has as its mission to provide a quality formal education for the youth in our community.  The administration and faculty believe that the function  of the public school is to offer an environment and a curriculum that is conductive to the maximum development of each child’s mental, physical, and social faculties.

Students at West Jasper Schools get a quality education preparing them for college, or for technical opportunity. A cooperative effort between the Jasper County Supervisors and JCJC ensures that all Jasper County high school graduates have the opportunity for an education from Jones County Junior College.

Sylva Bay Academy Bay Springs, MS








Bay Springs, Mississippi is home to Sylva Bay Academy, a private K-12 educational institution.
Sylva Bay Academy is located at the intersection of State Highways 18 and 531 in Bay Springs, Mississippi. Nestled on 56 acres, the campus consists of a main classroom building, with a computer lab and library, a separate kindergarten wing, an independent cafeteria, gym, field house and football stadium,  and a spacious baseball and softball complex.

Sylva-Bay is a member of the Mississippi Private School Association with a Class A Accreditation. Sylva-Bay has three levels of Kindergarten (K3, K4, K5) in addition to Grades 1 through 12. Enrollment is open to all students regardless of race, creed, or national origins. Currently, our enrollment is 325 students K3 through 12th grade.




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