Happy Fall 2016

Visit our businesses, our unique shops, and while you're here, enjoy lunch or dinner in one of our local restaurants. And please take a moment to enjoy the flowers and landscaping in Bay Springs!

If you need information, just drop by the City Hall...our City Clerk, Randy James, and our Deputy Clerks can direct you wherever you need to go.

Bay Springs is located at a heavily traveled crossroads in Southeast MS, so there is always a flow of traffic through the city.

Hwy's 18, 15, 528 & 531 intersect in and pass through the City, which is located in Jasper County. Bay Springs is home to much of the county's industry and now has a new JCJC Workforce Training Center and adult education center, located in the Industrial Park.

Bay Springs Restaurants
Bayless Restaurant
Big O's Seafood
Corner Table
Fajita Grill
Mama's Kitchen
Panda Buffet
Pizza Hut


Bay Springs Lodging
Western Motel
Bay Springs RV Park
Camping & Cabins are
available at
Lake Claude Bennett

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Service Contact
Phone Contact's

         City Board Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. If you have a matter to present or discuss, please contact City Clerk by the previous Monday to be included on docket.Phone: 601-764-4112


Join the Bay Springs Chamber of Commerce.

Support of your local business community supports local merchants, the town, you, Jasper county, Mississippi. It is a major recycling system that breathes life and growth in our local communities!
Our community offers entrepreneurs a supportive environment in which to live out their dreams. Visit Bay Springs and see what we have to offer you!

                                    Welcome from Mayor  J. E. Smith

 " We invite all of you from out of town to join us. We are really proud of Bay Springs and what it has grown to be, especially with all the beautification projects we have going on.
Please visit our facebook page...City of Bay Springs for updates and info !
Thank you,
J. E Smith


Hon. J E Smith has held the office of mayor of the city for 26 years.  His unique and steady leadership has brought Bay Springs through many changes. Thanks to Mayor Smith for his positive contributions to the city and its people. Come Get a Taste of Bay Springs!!


Code Red

Please follow the Code Red link above to get emergency notifications.




      JCJC Jasper County Learning Center  

The new JCJC Jasper County Learning Center is located in Bay Springs Industrial Park at Hwy 15 N. The center, a cooperative effort of the Jasper County Board of Supervisors and JCJC, plus many other agencies and groups who contributed, is a great asset to the Bay Springs/ Jasper County Area.

The JCJC- Jasper County Facility is already conducting Workforce Training, college classes, and non credit classes plus GED and other adult education. Classes are now ongoing. Please call 601-764-9393
for information on classes.







Bay Springs City Hall       601-764-4112

Bay Springs Police            601-764-3122

Municipal Court                601-764-4112


Public Works                      601-764-4112

Volunteer Fire Dept         911




Jasper County Sheriff       601- 764-2588

Jasper General Hospital   601-764-2101

Board of Supervisors         601-764-3469

Jasper Cty Water &            601-764-2025 Ext 101

Soil Conservation District  














JCJC’s Jasper County Center is offering basic machining class
as a non-credit class at the Jasper County Center in Bay Springs. This class includes classroom instruction and hands-on training in the shop. The machining class will meet Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. beginning Monday, October 31, 2016, through December 15, 2016. 
Contact Debbie Ishee at the Jasper Center 601-764-9393 to register or for more information.

There is also a stained glass class ongoing. Call for more information.

There are a wide range of learning opportunities at the JCJC Center in Bay Springs. JCJC classes, Workforce Classes, non-credit and credit, GED, and much more.
Please visit http://co.jasper.ms.us
or call Debbie Ishee at 601-764-9393

for information.

Ready for a change?

Looking for a lovely new location to
settle into, you've come to the right
place. The beautiful home above is for sale!


Bay Springs, Mississippi is a unique city with lots of charm. We have a wide selection of business and industry, good jobs, schools, educational availability, and very friendly people.


We are a short drive from Laurel and Meridian, and we have a 9 hole golf
course just down the road!

Visit BaySprings and see what we have to offer!



Jasper County Board of Supervisors approved the Jasper County Tuition Guarantee Program (JCTGP) to create
a pathway for the residents in Jasper County seeking to obtain a college education. High School students (Dual Enrollment) or county residents who
reside in Jasper County will have the opportunity to attend Jones County
Junior College (JCJC) tuition free
through the JCTGP while county supporting funds are available.
Agreement, guidelines and application
are available for download at the
following link:

2016-17 Application.pdf

city Park Playground is a shady peaceful place for children to play.
The city provides shady parks with picnic areas, gazebos, lots of trees, and playground equipment to please children of all ages. Above is City Park, below is Neco Park.